Residential lock change and Repair

It is important for individuals to realize, that whenever they move, it is imperative that they change the locks. No matter how above board the house sale went and thus how reliable and trustworthy they view the previous owners, one cannot possibly know how many keys would have been given out to random neighbors and friends over the years and then maybe even passed on to other individuals, and the chain can continue endlessly. As a result, it is a near-impossible feat to track every single key. That is why, as soon as you take possession of your new property, you should change the locks, using only Locksmith professionals. The Residential Lock Change Service offered by our business lets you deal with the locking issues at your home. From the scratchy operation of your locks to the lost key issues, there is a solution for your every need at the King Locksmith. Our professionals are always more than happy to assist you no matter the circumstances. This is why you can always depend on our business when it comes to the lock change or repair services. Talk to professionals at King Locksmith by dialling (916) 289-2560, and they will guide you towards you’re the solutions. You can also contact us by sending us an email at